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The Daughters of the American Revolution, Sons of the American Revolution, Mayflower Society, Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims all require applications that connect you to a historical figure in a particular situtation.  My first adventure doing this was for my mom.  No one had ever proven her relationship to a American Revolutionary Soldier.  Yea, I could have taken the easy way out and just picked a different relative, but she wanted to document her relationship to James Barber.  The easiest way to connect is to contact the society with your proposed connection. If someone else has already done all the hard work you can add on to thier work – if not you have to do it all from scratch.  Well we did James Barber from scratch.  It was both rewarding and frustrating.  This was a first for me and it took many many sources of documentation just to connect four generations.  Federal Census, Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, and Old Books Published by Ancestors.

Recently I was challenged by another person (thank you Lynn) to connect to the Mayflower passengers.  Below is a quick trail of what I could put together in about 2 hours.  Its not nearly complete but gives you an idea of how the paper trail works.  I still have one hole in the list marked with (??).  Fortunately, the Cory Society has a book that may fill that blank.  Without the years of research I have this would have taken months if not years to fill out – but here it is.  To be successful, try to follow this format and find other examples at the links to the societies above.  Happy Connecting!

     Daniel Curtis McMindes (birth certificate) son of
     Mother Betty Jean Hayes married Robert Charles McMindes (marriage certificate)
     Robert Charles McMindes (birth certificate) son of
     Mary Naoma Boyd married Willis Parker McMindes (marriage certificate)
     Mary Naoma Boyd (death certificate) daugher of
     Emma Bell Gurn married Charles Calvin Boyd (death certificate Mary Naoma McMindes nee Boyd)
     Charles Calvin Boyd (page 16, Generation of the Upright, Edward Norton Cantwell published 1911) son of
     Naomi Cantwell married James BB Boyd (page 15, Generation of the Upright, Edward Norton Cantwell)
     Naomi Cantwell (death certificate) daughter of
     Sarah Cory (page 15, Generation of the Upright, Edward Norton Cantwell published 1911) married
     Thomas Cantwell (death certificate Naomi Boyd nee Cantwell )
     Sara Cory (??) daughter of
     Elizabeth McGuire married Aaron Cory (SAR National Number 38789 dated 16 Nov 1923)
     Aaron Cory (SAR National Number 38789 dated 16 Nov 1923) son of 
     Naomi Freeman married Abner Cory (DAR Pl 1:666 Abner Cory)
     Naomi Freeman (Generation IV pf 189, George Soule and his decendants for four generations, Fifth Edition published by the General Society of Mayflower Decendants 2006)
     The DAR reference above and the annotation in the Mayflower Society publication lead back to George Soule as an ancestor.
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