The history of McMindes in the US goes back to approximately 1730.  At that time there were McMynderse and Mynderse.  The saxon/german roots were Mynderse and previously Mense.  These were the invaders of brettaniai.  War L0rds conquering a land to be conquered by others.  The Mynderse are the historical partons of the McMindes lineage.  My lineage is different.  McMynderse were of the deep deep english isles.  My son thinks it cute.  We were Viking rape babies.  How do I know this???  Read the previous post!  My DNA is native to the english isles.  From Christopher and Gideon on down is native to germany.  This I can prove!

I honestly would like to do more research in to a church in england with our name on its walls, and the birth place of our origin.  I would love to find more McMindes willing to do the DNA research for us to find all of us.

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